You Should Watch This Guy Do an Amazing Robin Williams Impression

YouTube via @Jamie Costa

I don’t know if there’s a ROBIN WILLIAMS biopic in the works, but it looks like an actor named JAMIE COSTA is already campaigning for the lead.

Jamie looks like a young Robin Williams, and he does a SPOT-ON impression.  And he just released a video called “Robin Test Footage Scene” that makes a huge case for him.

In the clip, he’s playing a “Mork and Mindy”-era Robin, getting his makeup done for the show when an actress playing PAM DAWBER comes in to tell him that JOHN BELUSHI just died.

It’s a dramatic scene with very little comedy, and it shows that Jamie is more than just an impressionist.  And the Internet is already convinced that he SHOULD play Robin.


(There’s some uncensored profanity at the end of the clip.)