The Bengals Finally Won – Now, A Crazy Fan Can Come Down from his Roof


The Cincinnati Bengals FINALLY won a game yesterday . . . beating the New York Jets 22-6.  They’re now 1-11, so obviously they aren’t going to the playoffs . . . but it IS a big deal for one fan.


That’s Jeff Lanham . . . the crazy guy who pledged to live ON HIS ROOF until the Bengals won a game.  He went up there on October 7th . . . and he even spent Thanksgiving up there with his family.  Now he can finally come down.


Jeff said he’s “glad it’s over” . . . and he thanked his WIFE for her support.  He said he couldn’t have stayed up on the roof away from his family and his business without her . . . because she brought him his meals, did his laundry, and helped cover all his responsibilities.  He said, quote, “I mean, I didn’t do anything.”


(Here’s a local news report on Jeff after the Bengals’ win.)


By the way, the Bengals win snapped another streak.


Going into Sunday, all the NFL teams with CAT NAMES were 0-12 since that infamous black cat ran onto the field during a Giants game.  The Panthers and Jaguars lost yesterday, so it COULD’VE been 0-15.  But the Bengals won.


(Fox 19)