Survey: We Need Some Sort of Reset Every Seven Months

A new survey says that the average person needs at least ONE change in their life every seven months.  And 30% of people say they need some sort of reset every one to six months.

So, maybe THAT’S WHY you’re on edge, with your two-year, overgrown hair . . . your lapsed gym membership . . . and your freezer full of frozen pizzas.

Some resets are small . . . like changing a workout routine . . . but others are significant, and they happen less frequently.  Some examples of those include:

1.  People want to refresh their diet every 12 months.

2.  People want to change their hairstyle every 14 months.

3.  People want to get a new car every seven years.

4.  People are looking for something new in their relationships every eight years.

5.  And the average person is looking for a change at work every eight years . . . which, if you look at job reports, apparently synched to 2021 for ALL Americans.