STUPID CRIMINAL: Hotel Cleaner Busted Stealing Toilet Paper Rolls

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One day, decades from now, kids are going to learn about this pandemic in school.  And some kid in every class is going to raise their hand and say, “Wait, really, toilet paper?”


There’s a 31-year-old guy named Angel Hernandezcinto in Orlando, Florida.  And he works for a company called Yes Hotel Services that provides cleaning services to hotels.


Well . . . he was cleaning at a Marriott last Wednesday night.  And when he left around 1:30 A.M., a security guard spotted him pushing a trash can toward his van.


The guard stopped him and found Angel was stealing TOILET PAPER from the Marriott.  He took 66 ROLLS in all.


The cops came, and Angel was arrested.  He was charged with theft from a public lodging establishment, which is a FELONY . . . even though the 66 rolls of toilet paper were valued at 99 cents each, or a total of $65.34.


(The Smoking Gun)

While they qualify as a stupid criminal, surely their loved ones would still want them on the right side of a jail cell.   

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