New distracted driving law goes into effect across Ohio

UPDATE (April 4, 2023):

COLUMBUS, Ohio (ADAMS) – As of today, a new law surrounding distracted driving is in effect across the State of Ohio.

The measure was signed by Governor DeWine in January and makes scrolling or typing on cell phones and mobile devices while driving a primary offense.

That means law enforcement can make a stop on a distracted driver even if there are no other traffic infractions.

Under the new rules, drivers are banned from typing and scrolling in a moving vehicle but are permitted to touch or swipe to answer a call and hold a cell phone to their ear in order to speak on it.

Law enforcement will be issuing warnings on violations for the next six months, with fines coming for those who continue to break the rules starting in October.

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (ADAMS) – Stricter rules around distracted driving are going into effect across Ohio next month.

House Bill 288 was signed into law by Governor DeWine in January, with the new rules becoming active on April 4.

Motorists will be banned from typing or scrolling on electronic devices while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.

The regulations also make distracted driving a primary offense, meaning a driver can be stopped for it without committing another violation.

Swiping to answer a call and holding a phone to speak on it will still be allowed.

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