POLL: Motley Crue is the Band Most People Want Inducted This Year 

If you go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, you can vote on who you’d like to see inducted.  It’s an informal thing . . . it’s not the same as the fan vote that’s conducted after the nominees are announced.



And it supposedly does NOT have any bearing on who gets nominated.  But in case you’re curious, here’s how things are going this year.


More than 80,000 votes have been cast so far, and the top choice is MOTLEY CRUE, with 3,152 votes.  They’re followed by BLINK-182, with 2,217.  (Hard to believe, but Blink’s been eligible since 2018.)


IRON MAIDEN is next with 1,771 votes . . . then it’s the DAVE MATTHEWS BAND at 1,552.


Cher is at #5, with 1,455 votes . . . then Styx with 1,445.  They’re followed by Boston with 1,303 . . . and Weezer with 1,295.


The actual 2020 nominees will be announced on Tuesday.