Maybe the Greatest TikTok Trend Ever: Sea Shanties (Must Watch)

TikTok via @nathanevanss

There are all sorts of random trends that inexplicably blow up on TikTok, but this might be the GREATEST . . . and the MOST RANDOM.

The hottest trend on TikTok right now is . . . old SEA SHANTIES.

The trend started a few weeks ago when a musician from Scotland named Nathan Evans posted a video of himself singing an 1800s sea shanty out of New Zealand called “Wellerman” (watch below).

And since then, his video has been viewed more than four million times . . . tons of people have posted remixes . . . and more sea shanty videos from Nathan and others have also gotten huge.

A writer from “Vulture” says it actually makes sense that sea shanties . . . of all things . . . would have a moment right now.

Quote, “They are unifying, survivalist songs, designed to transform a huge group of people into one collective body, all working together to keep the ship afloat” . . . which really does feel like it sums up this moment in time.



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♬ original sound – N A T H A N E V A N S S

(Time / Vulture)