ISP Fort Wayne Post celebrates employee’s 25 years

DIC F/Sgt Rob Smith & Renee Andrews, PE6604

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – Although just publicly announced recently, on February 16, 2023, Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter recognized Administrative Assistant Renee V. Andrews for having completed 25 years of service with the department.

Within that certificate of recognition, it is proclaimed that Renee Andrews is “publicly deserving of praise and respect for devotion and service to the Indiana State Police Department…” That statement couldn’t be more appropriate, especially with the understanding that every single trooper assigned to the Fort Wayne Post over the last two and a half decades has at some point relied on Renee’s assistance when completing their assigned case reports.

Indiana State Police with the Fort Wayne Post released the following:

For historical perspective, twenty-five years ago (prior to troopers having in-car computers) troopers primarily used a “phone-in” case reporting system, and at the time Renee was one of only two administrative assistants whose sole responsibility was to transcribe those phone calls into written reports. On average troopers at the Fort Wayne Post were calling in more than 2,000 case reports annually!

When asked about some of the highlights or challenges she has faced over these twenty-five years, Renee noted that learning to “speak cop lingo” was her first hurdle. “Transcribing thousands of phone calls each year where each trooper often presented their own style of dictation and often “unique verbiage” presented a real learning curve.” Interestingly, there were three or four troopers that came to mind on her list of most notorious frequent flyers, but she asked that they remain nameless.

Renee also noted a very specific challenge early in her career. The killing of Trooper Cory Elson. She stated that, “there were so many troopers involved in that investigation, and listening and transcribing all of those calls was very emotional.” Yet in that same investigation Renee would come to realize the importance of her personal role and duty within the criminal justice process, ensuring that all trooper’s case reports would present to the Prosecutor, Defense, Judge, and Jury the most accurate and professional portrayal of facts and evidence that would be used to help secure the conviction of Trooper Elson’s killer.

While the phone call-in system has long since become a thing of the past, Renee has stuck with us and remains as busy and dedicated as ever to her duties. She is now the only Administrative Assistant managing the newer RMS case reporting system at the Fort Wayne Post. Even though most troopers now type and submit their own case reports, all of those reports still need to be managed, reviewed, and “cleaned up” occasionally for proper form, grammar, and spelling… before reaching their intended audience.

During the presentation of her certificate, District Investigative Commander, First Sergeant Rob Smith thanked Renee, “For all of your hard work, patience, and dedication to maintaining the expected professional standards of the Indiana State Police, we are truly grateful.” Keep up the good work Renee!