INDIANA NEWS: State’s top Fire Fighter warns of space heater danger

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (ADAMS) – Indiana’s Fire Marshal is warning Hoosiers of the dangers in using space heaters and other alternative methods of heating their homes this winter.

Jim Greeson, State Fire Marshal, says this is one of the top causes for house fires. One-fifth of the nation’s deaths during home fires last year were attributed to alternative heating methods.

He says if you can, you should entirely avoid using a space heater or any other alternative method of heating your home.
If you must use a space heater, officials say it should be one that will automatically turn off if it is knocked over. Residents are also being warned to follow the proper directions and protocols if they must use an alternative method for heat. Those include keeping the heater away from anything flammable like furniture, clothing, or curtains. Greeson also says to make sure any space heater has at least three feet of space around it. You should also never leave a space heater unattended or running while you are not home.

Indiana residents should avoid using space heaters and other alternative heating methods, if possible.

If you must, Greeson says you should follow specific safety protocols.

Those include keeping space heaters away from anything that’s flammable, such as clothing, curtains or furniture and making sure there’s at least a three-foot perimeter around the portable heaters.

Space heaters should also never be left on in unoccupied rooms.