Holcomb focuses on coronavirus in State of the State speech

Governor Eric Holcomb (R, Indian) via Twitter @GovHolcomb

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (ADAMS) – Governor Holcomb’s latest State of the State speech spent a lot of time updating people on the coronavirus. The governor delivered his annual speech to lawmakers Tuesday night.

He spent quite a bit of time talking about vaccinations, coronavirus deaths, and the latest on the omicron variant.

Holcomb continues to say the best way to protect yourself from a serious case of the virus is to get vaccinated.

Other than the virus, the governor said the state of Indiana is strong as the economy starts to ramp up, unemployment is low, and he is hoping to cut taxes to bring job creators to the state.

The governor touted Indiana’s economy in his address. In his remarks Tuesday night, Holcomb pointed to Indiana ending last year with $3.9 billion dollars in reserves and the $545 million dollars to be given back to residents in taxpayer refunds.

Holcomb says the state’s unemployment rate is at three percent – the lowest it has been in two decades – and that tens of thousands more are working now than before the pandemic began.

To continue economic success, the governor proposes greater flexibility for tax-credit incentive programs and recruiting more remote worker jobs.

To see the governor’s full speech, click here

Democratic Leader Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) released the following statement on the Governor’s speech:

“Once again, the Governor’s rosy picture of our state does not pair with the actual state of Indiana as it concerns everyday Hoosiers,” Sen. Taylor said. “While our state’s economy is prospering thanks to assistance from the American Rescue Plan, that’s only a small part of the picture.

“The bigger picture is that many, many Hoosiers are struggling. They’re struggling to access quality childcare and well-paying jobs that allow them to make ends meet. They’re fighting to stay healthy and protect their families as we see COVID-19 cases rise across the state. They’re struggling to make their rent and utility payments on time to stay in their homes.

“While I was glad to hear about the Governor’s plans to invest in projects around our state, his address was alarmingly silent about many of the everyday issues currently impacting Hoosiers. We cannot address the problems affecting Hoosiers if the Governor of our state consistently fails to acknowledge those problems.

“My caucus recognizes that the state of our economy is not reflective of Hoosiers’ well-being and success, and we will be advocating for a series of proposals that aim to improve the quality of life for Indiana residents. This session, members of my caucus are offering bills to address inadequate child carecreate a paid leave program, address suicide and mental health in teens, give our teachers a 13th check and raise the minimum wage.

“A proposal I’m carrying, which is an Indiana Black Legislative Caucus priority bill, would create a Child Tax Credit program to get money directly into the pockets of our Hoosier families. My legislation to prohibit the disclosure of eviction records in cases where an eviction is not pursued or is dismissed is another proposal I’ll be working to advance on behalf of our Hoosier families.