Gov. Holcomb proposes additional $225 taxpayer refund

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (ADAMS) – Indiana’s governor wants to give each taxpayer in the state $225 more to fight inflation.

On Thursday, Governor Eric Holcomb proposed to add $225 to each automatic taxpayer refund in the state. The governor already approved refund checks of 125, so each taxpayer in the state is set to get $350 this year. Married couples who file jointly will get $700.

Lawmakers will have okay the new payments. Indiana’s Republican lawmakers said they expect to do just that sometime this month.

Holcomb is planning to call a special session to get legislative approval for the plan in June.

It is a step that Democrats seem to support as well. Senate Minority Leader Greg Taylor released the following on Thursday:

Today Governor Holcomb shared his Inflation Relief Plan, which would return $1 billion of Indiana’s $6.1 billion surplus to taxpayers in an automatic refund. That would amount to $225 per eligible Hoosier filer. Governor Holcomb also announced that he would call a special session before the end of June to advance his proposed agenda.

Senate Democratic Leader Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) released the following statement on the proposed plan:

“Getting money directly into the pockets of struggling Hoosiers is always the right decision, and I’m glad that Governor Holcomb heard our calls to provide direct relief to Hoosiers. Providing every Hoosier with $225 will help a lot of people trying to make ends meet right now. However, this one-time payment is temporary relief. It isn’t enough to address the ongoing struggles that Hoosiers are facing. Hoosiers’ financial struggles are ongoing and relief needs to be ongoing as well.

“I do think we can go further, but I’m happy to see the Governor taking action to relieve Hoosiers during tough times. I look forward to discussing expanded relief measures we can take to help Hoosiers on a long-term basis once we head into special session.”