Fun facts and strange news

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – Here are some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler.

– Jane Austen’s books sold well when she was alive, but she was paid very little. She made about $375 for “Mansfield Park”, which is around $27,000 in today’s dollars.


–  The Woody character in “Toy Story” was originally supposed to be a ventriloquist dummy, not a cowboy.


–  Every U.S. president except one is a descendant of a British king from the late 1100s, King John Lackland Plantagenet . . . better known as Robin Hood’s enemy, King John.  The only president who isn’t is Martin Van Buren.


–  Giraffes pick their noses with their tongues.


–  The first time Auto-Tune was used in a major pop song was “Believe” by Cher in 1998.


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Strange and trending news:

– You make bad decisions on an empty stomach, according to a new study.  Researchers found that when people were hungry, it made them more impatient . . . and they wound up making dumber, more impulsive decisions.  (Full Story)


–  A new survey found the most annoying minor inconveniences we deal with are spotty internet . . . calls from unknown numbers . . . forgetting a password . . . your phone battery dying . . . and waiting for a train or bus that’s running late.  (Full Story)


–  Here are the most popular things on people’s bucket lists, according to a new survey:  Travel . . . financial success . . . and activities like skydiving.  (Full Story)


–  31% of people DON’T always wash their gym clothes before they wear them for another workout, according to a new survey.  And men are more likely to re-wear old workout clothes than women, 36% to 25%.  (Full Story)


–  About a quarter of people say MONOGAMY is not that important to them, according to a new survey.  17% would do an open relationship where you both can have sex with other people . . . and 10% don’t want monogamy at ALL.  (Full Story)


–  Here are the top three things parents constantly feel guilty about, according to a new survey:  Lack of patience . . . not spending enough quality time with their kids . . . and working too much.  (Full Story)


–  A candy company just rolled out new candy canes for this Christmas . . . that taste like KALE.  They also made pizza-flavored and ham-flavored candy canes . . . and you can get a six-pack for $6.50 on their website.  (Full Story)


–  Las Vegas was just named the most fun city in America for the third year in a row.  Followed by Orlando, New York, Miami, and Chicago.  (Full Story)


–  A politician in Chicago was giving an interview to the local CBS station yesterday about a pigeon poop epidemic at a train stop.  And . . . as he was talking on camera, a pigeon pooped on him.  (Full Story)

–  A couple in Florida were arrested for biking drunk on Friday.  And even though they were both handcuffed, they managed to get naked and have sex in the back of the cop car.  They’re both facing several charges.  (Full Story)


–  If you watched ESPN’s “College GameDay” this weekend, there was a college kid in the background with a sign asking people to Venmo him beer money.  And it worked . . . he ended up with THOUSANDS of dollars in his account.  But instead of throwing a party, he’s donating all the money to a children’s hospital.  (Full Story)