Friday Commutes Are the Most Dangerous . . . Mondays Are the Safest

There’s going to be a mad scramble of people leaving work today for the long weekend.  And unfortunately, that makes a commute that’s already dangerous even WORSE.


A new study found that Friday commutes have the most fatal car accidents.  There are 17% more deaths during Friday commutes than Monday commutes.


Why?  Drunk drivers are out in full force on Fridays.  20% of the fatal accidents during Friday commutes involve a drunk driver, versus 13% on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


Monday mornings are the safest commutes, and in general, morning commutes are much safer than evening ones.


(Value Penguin)


(Here’s a chart showing the commuting deaths for all five days.  And for more on Memorial Day driving, here’s a study on the safest and most dangerous states for traveling this weekend.)