Fort Wayne coffee consumer alert

coffeeFORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – If you are a resident of Fort Wayne and you enjoy getting the most coffee bang for your buck, beware.  Those little stickers (which contain a code to be redeemed for points) that are affixed to bags of Starbucks in local retailers could be missing. Starbucks Rewards members are very familiar with these valuable little stickers.

This bag was purchased at the North Clinton store in Fort Wayne on New Year’s Eve. The large bag of Starbucks’ Italian Roast costs $14.49. That 14 dollar purchase will translate to about 7 points applied towards Starbucks’ reward program.reciept full edit

According to, ‘Starbucks Rewards’ members earns stars by making purchases at Starbucks locations or by purchasing merchandise at a third party location (such as Kroger). Those ‘stars’ are based on the value of your purchase. According to the site, they come, “at the rate of two (2) Stars for each One Dollar ($1.00) you spend at participating Starbucks stores using your registered Starbucks Card.”

There are different levels of “loyalty” under the program. If you are a “gold” member you receive a free food or drink purchase for every 125 stars applied.

Starbucks App
Starbucks App

Some simple math shows anyone could steal 10 to 12 of these stickers and get that reward from the Starbucks site or smartphone app.

Adams News reached out to the Kroger – North Clinton location. We were directed to Kroger Corporate for an official comment but, the local representative did say that someone could bring the bag of coffee back to the store for a an exchange, with receipt, if they experienced this. The representative also said a manager would check the coffee aisle for any other bags that had been tampered with.

A Kroger Corporate representative said that after speaking with several managers, this is not a widespread problem.  Although, they called it “disappointing”.

The Kroger rep also said if anyone experiences this problem they can contact Starbucks Customer Call Center at 1-800-782-7282.  The call center will want a receipt for verification, but Starbucks will give points on the honor system to the customer’s account.