Art This Way, Downtown FW holding Father’s Day scavenger hunt

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – Art This Way and the Downtown Improvement District are giving us a safe and fun way to celebrate the poppas and art in the city – a Father’s Day-themed scavenger hunt contest.

The rules are simple, use the clues to answer a question about the art. You may be asked to find the name of the artist, snap a selfie, find the location of the public art, or answer a question about the art – so, be sure to read the question before you start hunting the clue. This hunt can be conducted from the safety of your couch, from your car, or on foot.

The public is invited to record their answers and submit them online.
Only one entry is permitted per household. The winner will be randomly selected out of highest scoring entries. The winner of the Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt will receive a prize valued at $100.00! A second prize will be awarded to the best mural selfie. We suggest that dad takes a photo next to Tim Parsley’s Walt Whitman mural! The ‘Selfie Challenge’ winner will receive a prize valued at $50.00.

For assistance finding these murals, or if you would just like to see all the public art in our city, use Visit Fort Wayne’s Public Art Map.