ACDEM Electronic Recycling Program ending

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – The Allen County Department of Environmental Management (ACDEM) says the Electronic Recycling Program hosted at OmniSource is ending. Residents have until 12 Noon Saturday, October 29th to take electronics to OmniSource located at 1430 Meyer Road for electronic recycling.

OmniSource has been a steward to our community by hosting this program since 2002. Electronics contain toxic elements like lead and mercury and were banned from Indiana landfills in 2010. Last year, ACDEM’s Electronic Recycling program collected 295 tons of e-waste. 51% of the e-waste collected were CRTs, TVs, and monitors.

ACDEM Director, Tom Fox, shares: “The Allen County Department of Environmental Management thanks OmniSource for being a responsible corporate citizen and a good partner for these two decades. Looking ahead, ACDEM will be working to develop a new program for recycling electronics that continues to meet the needs of Allen County.”

Through Saturday, October 29th, residents can bring up to 15 items including calculators, CD and DVD players, cell phones, tablets, scanners, and video game players. TVs and monitors are priced separately. Fees apply, cash or check are accepted as forms of payment.

While other avenues are being researched for ACDEM’s Electronic Recycling Program, residents can get a list of verified electronic recycling sites in Allen County here.