Rock the Plaza | June 4th – August 27th | Downtown Library Plaza


Rock the Plaza FAQ’s

Q) How much does it cost?

A) It’s free.


Q) Do you have to be 21?

A) No, this is a family friendly, all ages event


Q) Will alcohol be served?

A) Yes, beer & hard cider to persons over 21 with a valid state ID, served by Pint n Slice.


Q) Will food and non-alcoholic drinks be served?

A) Yes, the event is catered by Pint & Slice, who will be selling food and drinks.


Q) Can I bring my own alcoholic drinks?

A) That practice is frowned upon by the library and you will be asked to return your cooler to your car.


Q) Is there reserved seating?

A) No, seating (via your own lawn chairs or blankets) is first come, first served. We recommend you arrive by 5:30 pm (earlier on nights with higher-profile bands, fireworks night, etc…) to claim the best spots.


Q) I’m addicted to cigarettes. I mean, I really can’t go for very long without them. What do I do?

A) There will be a designated area for smoking.


Q) I’ve removed myself from the chains of tobacco addiction by taking up Vaping. It’s cool to just do that wherever I want without regard to other people, right?

A) We get it, bro, you vape. Please follow the same guidelines as the cigarette smokers you now hypocritically look down upon and keep it to the designated area.


Q) What if I don’t like one of the bands? Can I throw things at them?

A) Unless it’s paper money, no. What’s wrong with you?


Q) Where do I park?

A) We recommend parking in on a nearby side street or in a nearby garage. There is limited parking in the library lots as well, with the exception of the lot that is adjacent to the library plaza. That lot will be closed and used for additional seating. Do not park in the underground Library lot, that lot will close before the end of the show and your car will be locked up overnight. Plan on walking a couple of blocks.